Georgia in detail


Georgians are generally very traditional people and they will be deeply appreciative if you acknowledge their various traditions, particularly around eating and drinking.

  • Toasting At a supra (traditional feast), the tamada (toastmaster) will at some point give long speeches to mark the occasion. Don't drink from your glass until they have finished. Georgians only toast their enemies with beer, so try to avoid doing this.
  • Dining It's polite to try every dish at any meal, taking small helpings of each, as you'll inevitably be served extra.
  • Greetings Georgians of both sexes tend to kiss each other on the right cheek as a greeting, but you should shake hands when meeting someone for the first few times and wait for them to take the next step.
  • Clothing Dress modestly when entering a Georgian church or monastery. This means long trousers or a long skirt, covered shoulders and a headscarf for women.