Tbilisi in detail

Getting Around

Bus & Marshrutka

Yellow city buses and marshrutky provide an above-ground complement to the metro. Electronic boards at most bus stops list the destinations of approaching buses in English as well as Georgian. Buses only stop at predetermined stops, but you can get on and off marshrutky anywhere along their route. To get the driver to stop, shout ‘Gaacheret!’ (‘Stop!’).

Bus routes and schedules are listed and mapped, partly in English, at http://ttc.com.ge.

Cable Car

Tbilisi has two cable cars, with three more planned. For visitors the most useful service runs from the south end of Rike Park high over the Mtkvari and the Old Town up to Narikala Fortress. A second cable car runs from Vake Park to Turtle Lake in the west of the city. Purchase a Metromoney card to ride either service, these are available at the ticket offices if you don't have one.


The efficient Tbilisi metro operates from 6am to midnight, and the two lines reach the most important parts of the city, meeting at Sadguris Moedani (Station Square). Signage and announcements are in English as well as Georgian.

Metromoney Cards

Metromoney cards, sold for 2 GEL at metro-station ticket offices, are essential for riding the metro, and also good for Tbilisi city buses and marshrutky (minivans). You tap the card on a reader when you enter the metro or when you board buses and marshrutky. Fares are 0.50 GEL per metro or bus ride and 0.80 GEL for marshrutky. You can also pay with cash on buses (exact fare only) and marshrutky. Further metro or bus rides within 1½ hours of tapping on are not charged.

You can put credit on the card with cash at metro-station ticket offices or in ubiquitous orange Express Pay machines, which have easy-to-follow instructions in English.


Official taxis are almost always unmetered. Agree on the fare before getting in, or just hand over the standard fare with confidence on arrival. The standard cost for a shortish ride (up to about 2km) is 3 GEL, medium rides (up to about 4km) cost 5 GEL and longer rides up to 10 GEL. The latter should definitely be agreed in advance.

Ride hailing apps popular in Tbilisi include Bolt and Yandex. Unhelpfully, taxis rarely turn off their lights when they're busy, so you'll just have to have your arm out at all passing vehicles until one stops.