Drinking & Nightlife

Georgia is known for its hospitality, and Tbilisi’s nightlife does not disappoint. Whether you’re after a high-end cocktail, a game of beer pong or dancing till broad daylight, you’re sure to find it here. The evening entertainment scene has been revolutionised in the last few years, with small bars run by groups of friends mushrooming all over the city.

Most bars and clubs are clustered in two areas: the Old Town around Kote Abkhazi (Leselidze), Erekle II and Sharden streets, along with Tavisuplebis moedani (Freedom Sq); and the Rustaveli area including, just off the avenue's northern end, the area around Akhvlediani, a street which everyone still knows by its Soviet name Perovskaya. In general, the Old Town is slightly pricier and partly about sitting outside to see and be seen.

Tbilisi is still lacking when it comes to nightclubs, though Café Gallery has earned a reputation as the best club in the Caucasus. Still, if you don’t like minimal techno you’re likely to be disappointed by the choice of tunes.