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In Georgia after st. Nino the greatest contribution lead to 13 Assyrian fathers, who came the territory of the Kingdom of Kartli in the IV century from Antioch Desert. Their activities in the orthodox life left the enomorous trace. The Churches and monasteries which they founded have become centers of Georgian literacy and education. With the revelation of st. Mary, John Zedazneli was notified to send her disciples to preach in various parts of Georgia. Nowadays still exist Gareji, Martkopo, Shio-mgvime, Alaverdi, Nekresi, Tsilkani, Samtavisi and Zedazeni holy places - Georgian incomparable architectural monuments.
Tour schedule:I Day:          Pick up from the Hotel or Airport          Tbilisi – Samtavro – Shiomgvime – Zedazeni – Tsilkani – Samtavisi – Tbilisi. • Samtavro Monastery - the largest monastery complex of Georgia. Nekresi founded by St. Abibos Nekreseli, one of the famous thirteen Assyrian fathers. St. Nino, having arrived here for sermons, lived here for three years. King Mirian and Queen Nana are buried here. • Shiomgvime Monastery – by the second part of the VIth century, one of the Syrian fathers, Shio founded Shiomgvime Monastery. Shio spent last days of his life in a cave and when he died he buried in that same cave.     • Zedazeni Monastery –  founded by Ioane Zedazeni,he was one of the Assyrian Father of Georgia, who sent the fathers to Kartli and Kakheti to spread Christianity and establish churches and monasteries. • Tsilkani Monastery - VIth century basilica style church founded by Ise Tsilkneli - one of 13  Asurian father. • Samtavisi Monastery Complex - founded  by St. Isidore - one of Asurian father. He is buried here. II Day: Tbilisi – Martkopi – David Gareja – Ikalto – Telavi • Martkopi – founded by father Anton Martkopeli in the VIth century. He spent the last 15 years of his life there, he lives as a hermit. • David Gareja - One of the prominent religious and cultural centers of Georgia. Monastery complex was founded in the VIth century by one of 13 Assyrian father – St. David. • Ikalto Monastery Complex – situated north of Telavi, monastery founded by Zenon Ikaltoeli in the VI century. • Telavi - the main city and administrative center of Kakheti region. III Day: Telavi – Alaverdi – Nekresi – Khirsa – Tbilisi • Alaverdi -Alaverdi built in VI century by one of the 13 Assyrian father, Ioseb Alaverdeli. Located near Telavi in the Alazani-River valley in Kakheti region. • Nekresi - is a historic town in Kakheti. In the IVth century king Thrdat built a church in this place. In the VIth century this church became a refuge to one of the Assyrian father Abibos. • Khirsa Monastery – established in the VIth century by Stepane Khirseli one of the Assyrian Father. Back to the HotelEnd of the Tour.

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