Svaneti Trails

The local municipality is improving access to some of Svaneti's less-visited areas by upgrading trail-marking along several routes: Mestia–Ushguli, Kala–Chvelpi–Lentekhi, Mestia–Becho–Etseri–Nakra–Chuberi, Khaishi–Tobavarchkhili–Lentekhi and Lentekhi–Latali. The improvements, due to be completed by 2016, should make exploring these beautiful regions significantly more practicable.

Skiing in Svaneti

Skiers and Svaneti's tourism businesses have high hopes for the new Tetnuldi ski resort, on the slopes of Mt Tetnuldi about 20km east of Mestia. Expected to open for the 2015–16 season, Tetnuldi was starting out with 25km of runs between 2260m and 3040m altitude and three French chairlifts, with a season expected to last from mid-December to mid-May.

The much smaller and lower Hatsvali ski station, 8km south of Mestia, works from late December to about early April, with a 300m beginners’ slope, a 2600m blue run, a 1900m red run and one chairlift (lift passes and equipment rental both 20 GEL per day).

Svaneti is also good for ski touring – usually best towards the end of the season, and you should take a guide or ask local advice about conditions, as there are always potential hazards. Laleta is one hotel experienced in organising this activity.