Zoo in Sukhumi

Monkey Nursery

Sukhumi’s Monkey Nursery was renowned in Soviet times for training monkey astronauts (eight from here made space flights in the 1980s) and as a medical research centre. At its peak about 5000 monkeys were kept here,…
Waterfront in Sukhumi

Naberezhnaya Makhadzhirov

Strung with pretty parks, part-derelict jetties, cafes and kitschy souvenir stalls, and fronted by stretches of stony beach, Sukhumi's 3km-long seafront promenade swarms with happy crowds during the summer holiday m…
Landmark in Sukhumi

Government House

Numerous Sukhumi buildings still stand empty or ruined, including landmarks such as the old Government House on ploshchad Svobody (gutted when the Abkhaz took the city in September 1993).
Museum in Sukhumi

Abkhazian State Museum

The recently refurbished museum has good archaeological sections as well as typical Soviet-style collections of stuffed animals and war memorabilia.
Gardens in Sukhumi

Botanical Gardens

With 50,000 sq metres of plants from around the world, the well-maintained botanical gardens, founded in 1840, are well worth a wander.
Park in Sukhumi

Alleya Slavy

This park on the north side of ulitsa Lakoba is the burial site of many Abkhaz who died in the 1992–93 fighting.