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Top Choice Georgian in Sighnaghi

Pheasant’s Tears

Pheasant's Tears, a Georgian-American joint venture, makes top-class natural wines by the traditional qvevri method at its vineyards out of town. Here in Sighnaghi it offers wine tastings and delicious Georgian meal…
Convent in Sighnaghi

Bodbe Convent

Bodbe Convent, the revered final resting place of St Nino, is set among tall cypresses 2km south of Sighnaghi, a pleasant walk on country roads. The little church was originally built, over the saint’s grave, by Kin…
Museum in Sighnaghi

Sighnaghi Museum

This well-displayed, modern museum has good exhibits on Kakheti archaeology and history, and a room of 16 paintings by the great Kakheti-born artist Pirosmani – the biggest collection of his work after the National …
Georgian in Sighnaghi

Restaurant Nikala

A decent little place on the main street for Georgian fare, including plenty of bean, mushroom and salad options.
Architecture in Sighnaghi


Most of Erekle II’s 4km defensive wall still stands, with 23 towers and each of its six gates named after a local village. Part of the wall runs along Chavchavadze on the hilltop on the northwest side of town, where…