Multi-day & Extended Tours

2-Day Hike Tour in Khevsureti

Khevsureti is a wonderland of cultural discovery and phenomenal high mountain trekking, truly a nature lovers’ paradise. This tour -Hike in Khevsureti- offers adventurous visitors the opportunity to combine hiking, Georgia sightseeing tours, cultural discovery and truly astonishing mountainous scenery. We travel by a comfortable vehicle on the off-road way but visit and hike surrounding cultural monuments – a medieval Towers and fortresses.  We offer the most obscure route that will take you off the beaten path into the heart of the wild Caucasus.  You will explore the medieval village of towers, a defensive fortress of Mutso, a defensive tower of Lebaiskari. All these defensive buildings were built in the narrow gorges to defend Georgian settlement and Georgia from the North Caucasian invaders. Now depopulated areas with not many tourists suggest a unique experience for our visitors to travel into the time and be with nature for the weekend.
2 days