Top Choice Georgian in Tbilisi

Shavi Lomi

Shavi Lomi is a terrific Georgian fusion restaurant in a brick-arched basement, serving up Georgian ingredients in inventive European-style preparations. The menu is long and enticing, but we can definitely recommen…
Top Choice Georgian in Tbilisi

Cafe Littera

A real treat, Littera serves delectable 'nouveau Georgian' dishes in the lovely rear garden of the Georgian Writers' Union building. The frequently changing menu might include filet mignon with wild mushrooms, or se…
Top Choice Georgian in Sighnaghi

Pheasant’s Tears

Pheasant's Tears, a Georgian-American joint venture, makes top-class natural wines by the traditional qvevri method at its vineyards out of town. Here in Sighnaghi it offers wine tastings and delicious Georgian meal…
Top Choice International in Tbilisi


With uniquely quaint design that cleverly evokes the elegant charm of 19th-century Tbilisi, Pur-Pur is a cool and classy haunt for culturally inclined Georgians, expats and visitors. The menu ranges from pork in bee…
Top Choice Georgian in Tbilisi


Known to all as ‘Mukha’, this charming little restaurant fashions great European-style dishes from fresh local ingredients – the likes of pork escalope with mustard-and-cream sauce, or mussels provençale. It does gr…
Top Choice Georgian in Borjomi

Cafe Old Borjomi

Very popular for its well prepared mtsvadi, khachapuri, shkmeruli and trout in walnut sauce, in a vaguely tavernish, wood-walled space, Old Borjomi also manages friendly service. There are only eight or 10 tables an…
Top Choice Georgian in Batumi

Grill Town

This big, buzzing, contemporary place, with large windows and a terrace facing the park over the street, is hugely popular with just about everybody. It serves up very nicely done mtsvadi, khachapuri, khinkali, saus…
Top Choice Georgian in Batumi


Shabby-chic in decor and favoured by cool, arty folk (though not exclusive to them), Fanfan also prepares delicious food – especially the seafood and the lemon tart.
Top Choice Georgian in Batumi

Old Boulevard

The Old Boulevard has a refined atmosphere with deep sofas, floor-to-ceiling shelves of sculpture, and live classical guitar and piano in the evening. It cooks up great grills, seafood, Georgian classics and the odd…
Market in Tbilisi

Desertirebis Bazari

This sprawling conglomeration near the train station is Tbilisi's major central market. A wander round its several areas will reveal probably every food that Georgians eat. There's a relatively handsome modern build…