Georgia in detail

Getting Around


There are internal flights in Georgia on Georgian Airways and Vanilla Sky. Georgian Airways flies between Tbilisi and Batumi daily, while Vanilla Sky connects both Tbilisi and Kutaisi with Mestia in Svaneti.


Georgia is not an obvious destination for cyclists, as roads are narrow, cycle lanes are nonexistent and drivers are often aggressive. That said, cycling here can be thrilling, with some wonderful roads through incredible scenery. It's possible to hire bikes in most bigger towns.


There are no ways to get around Georgia by boat.


Buses and marshrutky (minibuses) are the workhorses of Georgia and the way that the vast majority of the population gets around. Whether local service or long distance, buses in Georgia go just about anywhere there are people, including once-weekly services to remote mountain villages. Marshrutky are cheap, but they are also cramped and crowded, and while the driver will drive at full speed as soon as underway, there can be frustrating delays as the bus slowly fills up (many services only leave once every seat has sold, making timetables advisory only). You can often reserve popular services with the driver in advance, which is a good idea if you're relying on a marshrutka to get you to your destination on a certain day.

Car & Motorcycle

It's possible to self-drive in Georgia. Bringing a car into the country is hassle-free, but most people simply hire cars on arrival in the country. This can be done at any major town and at all three international airports. Road conditions have improved enormously in recent years and road signage is good, with all signs both in Georgian and the Latin alphabet.


Georgia has a decent network of trains connecting the main cities in the country, including Tbilisi, Gori, Borjomi, Kutaisi, Zugdidi and Batumi. As services tend to be fairly slow, most travellers only find the train a useful way to connect between Tbilisi and Western Georgia. Overnight trains from Tbilisi to Batumi and Zugdidi are very popular, and book up weeks in advance during summer.