Homosexual acts are legal in all three countries, but social acceptance or understanding is minimal and extremely few LGBT individuals openly display their orientation. Traditional and religious values and a patriarchal society make homosexuality pretty much taboo. There are small gay-rights movements in Georgia and Armenia, but no public gay scenes, and homophobia is still quite widespread. This is even the case in comparatively tolerant Georgia, where there have been anti-gay demonstrations. In general, however, LGBT travellers should encounter no problems if they are discreet. Two men or women sharing a bed is not automatically construed as having a sexual motive and indeed will often be considered far less scandalous than an unmarried mixed couple doing the same.


Gay Batumi (http://gaybatumi.wordpress.com) Practical information for Georgia, with an active message board.

Unzipped: Gay Armenia (www.gayarmenia.blogspot.com) Wide-ranging blog.

Advocacy & Support Groups

Gay.az LGBT support website, mostly in Russian with forum in Azerbaijani.

Identoba (http://identoba.com) Georgian LGBT activist and civil-rights organisation.

Pink Armenia (www.pinkarmenia.org) Promoting LGTB acceptance and equality in Armenia.

We for Civil Equality (www.wfce.am) Armenian LGBT rights group.