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Top Choice Cathedral in Mtskheta

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

This grand (and for its time, enormous) building dates from the 11th century, early in the golden age of Georgian church architecture. It has an elongated cross plan and is adorned with beautiful stone carving outsi…
Top Choice Church in Mtskheta

Jvari Church

Visible for miles around on its hilltop overlooking Mtskheta from the east, Jvari is, to many Georgians, the holiest of holies. It stands where King Mirian erected a wooden cross soon after his conversion by St Nino…
Archaeological Site in Mtskheta


Mtskheta was an important place as capital of the Iverian kingdom well before St Nino arrived. At Armaztsikhe-Bagineti, on the south side of the Mtkvari, you can inspect the excavated residence of Iverian rulers, in…
Georgian in Mtskheta


Mtskheta's best-value and most popular eatery is 5km back along the road towards Tbilisi (the marshrutky pass the door). It's a rambling place with several rooms and terraces and staff bustling about serving all of …
Church in Mtskheta

Samtavro Church

This large church, now part of a nunnery, was built in the 1130s. King Mirian and Queen Nana are buried in its southwest corner, under a stone canopy. The little church in the grounds, Tsminda Nino, dates back to th…
Georgian in Mtskheta

Old Taverna

This little place serves decent Georgian fare such as ostri (spicy meat in a tomato-based sauce), khachapuri and mushroom dishes. In good weather it’s lovely to sit outside facing Svetitskhoveli.