A moderately demanding half-day walk goes up to the cross that’s visible 900m above Mestia on the north side of the valley. From the cross you can see the spectacular twin peaks of Mt Ushba (4700m).

From Setis moedani, walk 450m east along the main street then take the street up to the left (Beqnu Khergiani). Take the uphill option at all junctions, and after about 600m, on the edge of the village, the street becomes a footpath. Follow this up and after some 700m it bends to the right across the hillside, eventually meeting a 4WD track. You can follow the 4WD track, short-cutting some bends, all the way to the cross. The return trip from Mestia takes about five hours. With good weather and enough daylight, you can continue to the small, pristine Koruldi Lakes, about two hours beyond the cross and some 400m higher. A return trip by 4WD from Mestia to the cross, with waiting time while you go to the lakes and back, costs 80 GEL.