Tourist Information in Lagodekhi Protected Areas

Visitors Centre

Plentiful information on the Lagodekhi Protected Areas is available at the helpful, English-speaking visitors centre at the main reserve entrance, 2km up from the main road in Lagodekhi. It also rents tents (per day…
Tourist Information in Vashlovani Protected Areas

Visitors Centre

Vashlovani has an excellent visitors centre, with a very helpful, English-speaking visitor service, an interesting little museum, good rooms (s/d 25/30 GEL) and a guest kitchen, in the town of Dedoplistskaro.
Tourist Information in Telavi

Kakheti Wine Guild

The Kakheti Wine Guild has information on many of the region's wineries and can help organise visits; it also sells over 100 types of wine direct.
Tourist Information in Telavi

Tourism Information Centre

Helpful office upstairs in a verandaed building on the main square. It can help arrange shared jeeps to Tusheti, among other things.
Tourist Information in Sighnaghi

Tourism Information Centre

Just off Erekle II moedani.
Post in Telavi

Post Office

Tourist Information in Kakheti

Georgian Wine Association