Peak season in most of the country is July and August, when it’s often worth calling ahead to secure a room. Seasonal variations in room rates are minor (except in ski resorts), though it’s sometimes possible to secure a discount at quiet times.

Camping There are few organised camping grounds but equally few restrictions on wild camping. In the mountains, dogs or even bears or wolves might be a threat. If in doubt, ask locals.

Guesthouses Guesthouses are often enjoyable places to stay, not least for contact with local people and their home-cooked food. Bathrooms are typically shared. Average price: 25 GEL to 30 GEL per person; meals 5 GEL to 15 GEL each. Family and guest areas are often distinct.

Homestays Slightly cheaper than guesthouses and you're more likely to share space with family members.

Hostels There are perhaps 50 travellers' hostels around Georgia (the majority in Tbilisi). They provide dormitory beds or bunks, sometimes a few private doubles, and shared bathrooms and kitchens. They’re good places to meet other travellers, and many are run by young Georgians who enjoy hosting international guests. Typical price: 2 GEL to 25 GEL per person.

Hotels There are many small or medium-sized, midrange hotels with character in cities and towns around the country, and a handful of super-luxury top-end places in Tbilisi and Batumi. Double-room prices start around 60 GEL and are rarely above 200 GEL except in top-end places.

Price Ranges

The following price indicators indicate the cost of accommodation for two people, including taxes and breakfast:

$ less than 60 GEL

$$ 60 GEL– 200 GEL

$$$ more than 200 GEL

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