Bus Stop in Shatili

Marshrutka to Tbilisi

This patch of grass at the end of the village by the river is where marshrutky from Tbilisi's Didube bus station drop off on arrival on Wednesday and Saturday. Marshrutky for Tbilisi also leave from here at noon on …
Border Crossing in Great Caucasus

Larsi Border Point

This is the border point with Russia. Most nationalities will require a Russian visa to cross here. Note that the border is closed when the Jvari Pass in Georgia closes, meaning that it's not usually open at all in …
Taxi in Shatili

Niko Chincharauli

Shatili taxi driver Niko Chincharauli charges 200 GEL one-way to Barisakho, 250 GEL to Roshka and 300 GEL to Tbilisi. He also offers accommodation at his house facing the Old Town across the river (60 GEL per person…
Airport in Mestia

Queen Tamar Airport

This tiny airport has daily flights to Mestia and twice-weekly service to Kutaisi with Vanilla Sky.
Bus in Ushguli

Marshrutky to Mestia

Departures are from alongside the bridge in Chazhashi.
Bus in Stepantsminda

Marshrutkas to Tbilisi