Tourist Information in Mestia

Tourism Information Centre

This small tourist office handles the entire Svaneti region and is often very busy. English-speaking staff give out free hiking maps (when they're in stock) including one map for each day of the Mestia–Ushguli trek,…
Tourist Information in Omalo

Tusheti Protected Areas Visitors Centre

This large and helpful centre just south of Kvemo Omalo off the main jeep track into town has plentiful displays on Tusheti, provides a walking/riding route and accommodation information, and can help arrange guides…
Tourist Information in Stepantsminda

Kazbegi National Park Visitor Centre

This modern tourist office is a sleek space with well-informed English-speaking staff, lots of maps and other useful information available to help plan your time in the area. Staff can organise guides for the nation…
ATM in Gudauri

Smart supermarket

The biggest supermarket in town is a one-stop shop for everything you'll need, and also marks the unofficial centre of town. Marshrutky to Tbilisi and Stepantsminda stop here on their way through town.
Immigration in South Ossetia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs