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2-Day Hike to Gergeti Glacier near Kazbegi

Take a 2-day hiking tour into the Gergeti Glacier near Mount Kazbegi and experience Caucasus Mountains. The trail to  Gergeti glacier is one of the most stunning places in Georgia and the days spent on this way is the vacation of a lifetime. Hiking in Georgia offers glistening mountain landscape with colliding glaciers, lush alpine meadows, roaring rivers and marvelous panorama views over the Great Caucasus Mountains. Visit the famous Gergeti Trinity church (14th c) which enjoys popularity among tourist. Most people who visit this region visit the church but they only scratch the surface. Not you! You should hike in Georgia to experience its nature and wilderness. Hiking tour  takes you to the route up to the mountains and reaches Gergeti glacier. We overnight in the tents here. Next day, in the morning explore surrounding areas and return to the Kazbegi, and eventually to Tbilisi. This tour offers you a great length of adventure in Caucasus mountains.
2 days