Bakuriani in detail

Flights & getting there

From the bus station on Tamar Mepe in the town centre, marshrutky run to Borjomi (3 GEL, one hour) five times daily between 10am and 5pm, and to Tbilisi (10 GEL, four hours) at least six times daily. There is also a daily service to both Batumi (20 GEL, five hours, 10am) and Kutaisi (11 GEL, three hours, 3.10pm). A taxi to or from Borjomi costs 30 GEL.

Slow but scenic trains run to Bakuriani's train station (1 GEL to 2 GEL, 2½ hours) from Borjomi’s Chyornaya Rechka station (2km east of Borjomi centre) at 7.15am and 10.55am, returning at 10am and 2.15pm.