Top things to do in Around Gori

Top Choice Archaeological Site in Uplistsikhe

Cave City

This impressive and once enormous cave city, on the north bank of the Mtkvari, 10km east of Gori, is one of the oldest places of settlement in the Caucasus.
Church in Around Gori

Ateni Sioni

This impressively ancient church has a beautiful setting above a bend of the pretty, grapevine-strewn Tana valley, 12km south of Gori. Ateni Sioni was built in the 7th century and modelled on Mtskheta’s Jvari Church…
Street in Uplistsikhe

Main Street

Uplistsikhe's old main street winds up to the right after you've passed through the main gate, with several important cave structures either side of it.
Gate in Uplistsikhe

Main Gate

To enter Uplistsikhe by its old main access track, go about 5m up the rocks opposite the cafe at the entrance, and follow the rock-cut path to the left. Metal-railed steps lead up through what was the main gate, wit…
Temple in Uplistsikhe


Ahead from the cave city's main gate you’ll find a cave overlooking the river with a pointed arch carved in the rock above it. Known as the Theatre, this is probably a temple from the 1st or 2nd century AD, where re…
Tunnel in Uplistsikhe


On your way back down out of the cave city, don’t miss the long tunnel running down to the Mtkvari, an emergency escape route that could also be used for carrying water up to the city. Its entrance is behind a recon…
Church in Uplistsikhe

Uplistsulis Eklesia

This triple-church basilica near the top of the hill was built in the 10th century over what was probably Uplistsikhe’s most important pagan temple.