David Goreji monastery complex

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The complex is carved in the rocks of about 20 monasteries and covers the territories of three regions of Georgia - Gardabani, Sagareggi and Signach. The main monastery is the monastery of St. David, which is located on the northern slope of the mountain, separating Georgia and Azerbaijan. The border passes along the top of the mountain, which Georgian historians call Udabno, after the name of one of the monasteries. This monastery is on the Azerbaijani territory - on the southern slope of the mountain.
A trip to the semi-desert slopes of the Gareja Ridge. On the way, stop at the store. Walk through the monastery complex on arrival. Altogether 14 monastery ensembles built at different times - Lavra David, Mohatuli, Tsamebuli, Nutlis-Mtsemeli, Dodos Rka and others - were found here.In the 11th century, in the Lavra of David, a terraced courtyard was built, new cells, a refectory and a church were built. Soon they built a swimming pool, canals and tanks. David Garedji reaches its peak in the 11th-13th centuries. Walk to the monastery Udabno, near which you can enjoy a spacious view of Azerbaijan from the Georgian side. In Udabno there are magnificent frescoes, reflecting religious themes, made in a special technique and color. Some of the frescoes are portraits of historical figures - David the Builder (in Nattlis-Mtsemeli), the queen Tamara (in Bertubani), as well as the biblical events (The Last Supper, Raising the Cross). After a short rest, descent along the trail.

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