Georgia in detail

Money and Costs

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than 100 GEL

  • Budget accommodation per person: 10–40 GEL
  • Beer per bottle: 3 GEL
  • Marshrukta ride: 1 GEL

Midrange: 100–200 GEL

  • Midrange accommodation per person: 40–125 GEL
  • Two-course meal: 15–20 GEL
  • Museum admission: 5 GEL

Top end: More than 200 GEL

  • Top-end accommodation per person: 125–250 GEL
  • Tasting menu with wine: 50–100 GEL
  • Daily car hire: from 100 GEL


Bargaining is common at markets and street stalls, but much less so in shops, where for the most part prices are set. Guesthouses are usually happy to haggle with guests about prices – don't be scared of trying, especially if there are several of you. Always haggle with taxi drivers.


ATMs widely available. Credit cards accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops, though less frequently outside Tbilisi.


ATMs, generally accepting MasterCard, Visa, Cirrus and Maestro cards, are plentiful in cities and towns throughout Georgia.

Changing Money

There are plenty of banks and small money-exchange offices in most towns and cities where you can exchange US dollars, euros and sometimes pounds sterling and the currencies of Georgia's neighbouring countries, though the latter is usually at poor rates.

Credit Cards

You can make purchases with credit cards at most hotels, restaurants and shops, though less frequently outside Tbilisi.


Georgia’s currency is the lari (GEL). One lari is divided into 100 tetri.

Banknotes come in denominations of five, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 lari; coins run from one tetri to two lari.

Exchange Rates

AustraliaA$11.98 GEL
CanadaC$12.20 GEL
Euro zone€13.26 GEL
Japan¥1002.73 GEL
NZNZ$11.88 GEL
UKUK£13.51 GEL

For current exchange rates, see


Tipping has caught on all over Georgia with the arrival of huge numbers of international travellers. Most people working in service industries will expect a small gratuity.

  • Restaurants In Tbilisi, a standard 10%, which is often added to the bill. Don't mistake the 18% VAT on some bills for a service charge.
  • Bars and cafes At your discretion.
  • Taxis No need to tip a taxi driver for a short journey.


Lari (GEL)