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Top ChoiceNational Park in Gabon

Lopé National Park

One of the most accessible of Gabon's national parks, Lopé offers rainforest and savannah teeming with apes, elephants and birds. Covering 4970 sq km, it is mostly rainforest with some ancient savannah in the...

Top ChoiceAfrican in Libreville


This lovely colonial-style veranda restaurant in the heart of the Quartier Louis is very attractive. You'll find tempting dishes such as beef ndolé (a Cameroonian dish with peanuts, spices and ndolé bitter...

Top ChoiceNational Park in Gabon

Loango National Park

Coastline and estuary, savannah and rainforest make for a diverse array of animals and birds in this superb park. There's always something to see: elephants on the beach from January to April, crocodiles making...

Top ChoiceNational Park in Gabon

Pongara National Park

Wonderful lodges, beautiful beaches and a wealth of animals makes Pongara the perfect escape from Libreville. Lodges provide excursions to see the leatherback turtles that lay their eggs on the beach from...

Top ChoiceNational Park in Gabon

Mayumba National Park

This marine park is the domain of barnacled whales and shy sea turtles, and the land, if you listen to the locals, is hushed by the spirits of ancestors. It is contiguous with the Conkouait-Douli National Park in...

Top ChoiceFrench in Port-Gentil

Le Bistrot

Funky decor, friendly staff, a lovely garden terrace and a cool, chic interior make this the best find in Port-Gentil. Add to that the excellent food and it's hard to keep away. Try the succulent coupé-coupé...

French in Libreville

Le Voilier

A very smart restaurant, Le Voilier is kitted out like a ship, with wood panelling and brass instruments, and has a small terrace in the front. The food is excellent and there's a good wine list.

National Park in Gabon

Minkébé National Park

The largest of Gabon's parks at 7000 sq km, Minkébé is the greatest refuge for elephants in the Congo Basin; there are said to be 30,000 individuals. You'll also find gorillas, forest buffaloes, sitatungas as...

National Park in Gabon

Batéké Plateaux National Park

Vast swathes of savannah cover 2050 sq km and reach heights of 860m. The land is almost desertlike and erosion has caused canyons to form (known as cirques). It's all a twitcher's delight with the rare Angola...

National Park in Gabon

Monts de Cristal National Park

Botanists believe this park has the most diverse flora in Africa. Rare plants, butterflies and large mammals abound in the virgin forest. Almost constant mist and cloud provide the perfect environment for orchids...

National Park in Gabon

Birougou National Park

Situated on the Chaillu Massif, this park is known as a Pleistocene refuge, meaning that its ancient savannahs, forest and the caves date back at least 40,000 years. It is important to protect the river basins...

National Park in Gabon

Akanda National Park

Of vital importance to migrating birds, juvenile fish and nesting green turtles, Akanda National Park lies along the bays of Mondah and Corisco, an easy day trip from Libreville. It encompasses 540 sq km of...

National Park in Gabon

Moukalaba-Doudou National Park

Encompassing both coast and forest, this park has a variety of terrain: rainforest, mountains, dry savannah, lakes and rivers. Here you'll find the highest population of primates in Gabon, along with elephants...

National Park in Gabon

Ivindo National Park

Ivindo National Park

This 3000-sq-km national park provides the rare opportunity to view forest animals undisturbed in their own environment. The best location to do this is at Langoué Baï, a marshy clearing in the forest whose...

Lake in Lambaréné

Lake Zilé

Surrounded by dense rainforest, beautiful Lake Zilé is dotted with some 30 islands and is home to loads of birds (white cormorants congregate on one of the islands), a few fishers and the odd hippo. It's the...

Cave in Gabon

Lastoursville Caves

Occupying a 90-sq-km site, there are around 35 caves located in dense primary rainforest close to the town of Lastoursville. They were formed some 50 million years ago, and human activity has been shown to date...

Viewpoint in Ivindo National Park

Langoué Baï

Baï is the Pygmy word for a marshy clearing in the forest. Langoué Baï lies in the south of the Ivindo National Park and is about 1km x 300m. The earth here contains minerals that attract animals and you'll find...

Museum in Lambaréné

Schweitzer Hospital Museum

Housed in the former hospital building, the museum's guided tour will allow you to view photos, paintings and the impeccably arranged house and artefacts of Schweitzer and his wife. There's also a small zoo, the...

African in Libreville

Jacky Cochon

It's beside a prison, the decor is Rasta chic and your food is fixed by a charmer of a long-dredded musician who's been rearing pigs for years. Pork heaven: try the various delicious pork main courses, and don't...

European in Libreville

Le Bateau Ivre

The Bateau isn't drunken at all, in fact it's rather refined, with a huge glass window giving views over the open sea, a smart menu of sophisticated European gastronomy and a great wine list. This is the place...