Gabon in detail

Travel with Children

There are wonderful beaches for children to enjoy, particularly at Pointe Denis close to Libreville. Wildlife encounters are guaranteed to be experiences of a lifetime for the whole family. Older children might also enjoy the Musée Nationale des Arts et Traditions du Gabon in Libreville, especially when they have Bwiti music and dance, as well as forest walks and ceremonies organised by the NGO Ebando.

As Gabon is hot and humid, take extra care with babies and young children. Make sure they have long sleeves and long pants to avoid mosquito bites. Use a suitable malaria prophylatic and antimosquito lotion.

There are no baby-changing facilities. Supermarkets in Libreville and Port-Gentil stock disposable nappies and milk formula, but it is more difficult to find these in the countryside.

Be careful with a pram or pushchair as pavements can be uneven and have potholes or open drains. Use a torch at night as street lighting is poor. Upmarket hotels might have a lift.