Gabon in detail

Gabon is known for

Wildlife Adventures

Beach Life

  • Loango National Park Where else could you share the beach with elephants?
  • Pointe Denis Enjoy a lazy day by the sea in the beach-side restaurants just a 30-minute boat ride from Libreville.
  • Pongara National Park Camp on the beach and watch turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.
  • Mayumba National Park Listen to the songs of humpback whales as they pass through this marine park.

Spectacular Scenery

  • Lopé National Park Breathtaking vistas across forest, savannah and the River Ogooué await after a two-hour climb up Mont Brazza.
  • Kongou Falls A dramatic waterfall of 60m has special spiritual significance for locals.
  • Omboué Take a pirogue trip to Port-Gentil along the rivers and lagoons that snake through dense rain forest
  • Lastoursville Caves A speleologist's dream, these caves are carved into the cliffs and date back 50 million years.

History and Culture