Loango National Park in detail

Flights & getting there

To access the northern section of the park, you will need to take a boat from Port-Gentil to Omboué (CFA10,000, 5½ hours). There is a road being built between Port-Gentil and Omboué which will cut the journey time to two hours. From Omboué, there's a rough, unpaved road to the national park that takes about two hours; the lodge you stay at in Loango will organise this transfer for you.

Alternatively, you could fly in to the north in a private plane as there's a small grass airstrip.

To access the southern section, fly from Libreville or Port-Gentil to Gamba. Local airlines offer the Libreville–Gamba route (around CFA93,400), or from Port-Gentil (around CFA109,800), both twice a week. Once in Gamba, you'll need to take a boat or 4WD to Setté Cama which is on the park boundary.

There are no roads within the park linking north and south. However, you could walk 18km from Setté Cama to Akaka where there is a lodge and then take a boat to Loango Lodge. If you're up for it, the walk between Akaka and Loango Lodge is 60km along the uninhabited beach.