Libreville in detail

Flights & getting there



Libreville's Léon M'ba International Airport is well connected to major African cities, to Europe and to towns in Gabon. Internally there are two domestic airlines flying from here: Afric Aviation and NRT. NRT flies to Port Gentil, Tchinbanga, Oyem, Mouila, Koulamoutou, Franceville and Makokou. Afric Aviation is based in Port-Gentil, but also has an office in Libreville airport. This airline flies to Franceville, Gamba and Port-Gentil.


There are several passenger boats per week between Port Môle, Libreville, and Port-Gentil (CFA20,000, 11 to 12 hours); it's also possible to take cars (CFA120,000 to CFA180,000). Enquire at the CNNII office at Port Môle in Libreville.

A slow boat from Port Môle to Omboué departs 11am on Friday and returns Monday, stopping at every village along the way on a journey of about 11 hours. (CFA20,000).

Boats for the restaurants at Pointe Denis leave from Michel Marine; boats leave here for La Baie des Tortues Luth lodge in Pongara National Park too.


There are good buses running from PK8, Libreville's transport hub 8km from the city centre. These are a better option than the overpacked taxis-brousses (bush taxis), minibuses and pick-up trucks. SOGATRA, the state bus company, has the following routes:

DestinationDuration (hr)Price

There are food stalls and an air-conditioned waiting room at the SOGATRA bus station but don't get too comfortable; buses often depart early. Staff manage your luggage and will call you when the bus is ready to leave.


Taking the Transgabonaise Railway line that crosses the country is a faster and far more comfortable option than taking a taxi-brousse. Libreville train station is at Owende, 9km south of the city. Book at SETRAG at least two days before travelling as trains are often full. There are two types of train, the Trans-Ogooué Express that calls at Ndjolé, Lopé, Booué, Ivindo, Lastoursville, Moanda and Franceville, and the Equateur that stops at all stations between Libreville and Franceville.

The Trans-Ogooué train leaves Libreville at 6.50pm and arrives in Lopé at 1.03am and in Franceville at 6.51am. It runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

There are three classes of seats: VIP, 1st class and 2nd class, but no couchettes. The first two classes are fiercely air-conditioned. There is a restaurant car but it's best to bring your own food.

Libreville to Lopé1st Class2nd Class
Trans-Ogooué (express)CFA25,500CFA19,500
Equateur (slow)CFA21,400CFA15,000
Libreville to Franceville
Trans-Ogooué (express)CFA55,800CFA41,800
Equateur (slow)CFA46,800CFA32,800

You can put a vehicle on the train, too (Libreville to Franceville including one passenger seat CFA259,100).