Central African Franc (CFA; sometimes XAF)

French (official), Fang, Myene and dozens of other Bantu languages


Travel Agency in Gabon


This agency is the best option for both day trips and longer tours to the national parks of Gabon. The owner, Paul Armand Mombey Indaki, speaks English and is very knowledgeable. There's no office; contact Paul...

Tourist Information in Libreville

Lopé Hôtel Libreville Office

This office of the Lopé Hotel is the first stop for making reservations for accommodation and tours within the Lopé National Park. Eveline is very helpful and speaks English.

Tourist Information in Gabon

Go To Gabon

All tour operators in Gabon are grouped under this umbrella organisation.

Tourist Information in Libreville

Agence Nationale des Parcs Nationaux

Permits for Pongara and Akanda National Parks are available here, plus information on other parks. Also has an informative Facebook page:

Hospital in Libreville

Fondation Jeanne Ebori

Across from Port Môle in Quartier Louis. One of Libreville's biggest hospitals, with modern lab facilities and 300 beds.