Internet Access

  • Thanks to the advent of smartphones, iPads and wi-fi, dedicated internet cafes have become a rarity in French Polynesia. Wi-fi access is increasingly the norm.
  • Many post offices have internet posts, but don't count too much on it – they are usually ancient models that are often not functioning.
  • Wireless is offered at many guesthouses and hotels (at least near the reception or the bar, if not always in each room, for which sometimes there's an additional charge) and at a number of restaurants and cafes. Some places still charge a fee.
  • Connections are fairly fast and reliable in the Society Islands, which have broadband internet; elsewhere, slow connections are the norm.
  • If you’re toting your own device through the Marquesas, the Australs or the Society Islands, consider buying online or from the local post office a prepaid Mana Pass ( This allows you to access the internet at ‘Mana Spots’ (wi-fi zones) located in post offices and at some hotels, restaurants and public areas.