Archaeological Site in Tubuai

Marae Raitoro, Haunarei & Harii

More than 200 marae have been found in Tubuai and the few that have been cleared are among the most fascinating in the country. Raitoru and Haunarei Marae are two connected marae that were for birthing and umbilical…
Archaeological Site in Tubuai


At Vaitauarii are the remains of a site dedicated to tattooing Tubuai royalty. Until 2007 it was believed that the ancient Tubuai people were not tattooed, but now this site and shell tattoo combs found on the islan…
Historic Site in Tubuai

Fort George

The Bounty is remembered by a sign on the northeastern corner of the island marking the site of Fort George, where the mutineers attempted to set up camp for two months in 1789.