Air Tahiti

Airline in Bora Bora

Flies between Bora Bora and Tahiti (24,000 CFP, 50 minutes, eight to 10 flights daily), Huahine (11,800 CFP, 20 minutes, one to two flights daily), Maupiti (8500 CFP, one to two flights weekly), Mo’orea (25,400 CFP, one hour, one to three flights daily) and Ra’iatea (9100 CFP, 15 minutes, one to three flights daily).

Air Tahiti also has direct flights from Bora Bora to the Tuamotus, with a very handy flight to Rangiroa (31,500 CFP, 1¼ hours, three to four flights weekly) and onward connections to other atolls, including Tikehau and Fakarava.