Top things to do

Top Choice Archaeological Site in Puamau


Iipona is one of the best-preserved archaeological sites in French Polynesia. You’ll be moved by its eeriness and impressed by the five monumental tiki – it pulsates with mana.
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Hatiheu

Kamuihei, Tahakia & Teiipoka

About 300m towards Taipivai from the Hikokua site, these three connecting sites make up the largest excavated archaeological area of Nuku Hiva. A team led by the archaeologist Pierre Ottino began restoration in 1998…
Top Choice Market in Pape'ete

Marché de Pape’ete

A Pape'ete institution. If you see one site in town, make it this market, which fills an entire city block. Shop for colourful pareu (sarongs), shell necklaces, woven hats and local produce in the main hall. Dotted …
Top Choice Bay in Mo'orea

Cook’s Bay

The spectacular Cook’s Bay is something of a misnomer because Cook actually anchored in Opunohu Bay. With Mt Rotui as a backdrop, Cook’s Bay is a lovely stretch of water. There’s no real centre to Cook’s Bay; shops,…
Top Choice Beach in Maupiti

Tereia Beach

A more scenic spot you’d be hard pressed to find. Here the lagoon is crystal clear and the bone-white beach is nearly all sand (no smashed coral or broken rock). This beach is a stunning place to sun yourself and th…
Top Choice Tahitian in Tahiti

Place Vaiete Roulottes

The country’s famous roulottes (literally ‘caravans’ in French, these are mobile food vans) are a cultural and gastronomic delight. These little stalls sizzle, fry and grill up a storm every evening from around suns…
Top Choice Marquesan in Hatiheu

Restaurant Hinakonui

This authentic Marquesan restaurant is a relaxing spot, with an open-air thatched terrace opening onto the seafront. Signature dishes include lobster flambéed with whisky (from February to October) and a truly fanta…
Top Choice Crêpes in Mo'orea

Crêperie Toatea

Not your average crêperie, this venture is renowned for its gourmet crêpes prepared to order by an Alsatian chef. Where else could you savour a crêpe stuffed with fresh fish in white-wine sauce? Another draw is the …
Top Choice French in East Coast

Chez Loula & Remy

This family-run, very old-school French place in Taravao on the Tautira road has continuously served some of the best French-style grilled meats and fish in the country for donkey's years. Environs are boozy, congen…
Top Choice French in Bora Bora

Maikai Bora Bora

This highly rated eatery offers excellent Polynesian cuisine with a refined twist, savoured in a vast and stylish dining room overlooking the lagoon (but only a few tables have lagoon views). Prices are surprisingly…