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Village in Tikehau


Most islanders live in Tuherahera, in the southwest of the atoll. Find peace in this pretty village, bursting with uru (breadfruit), coconut trees, bougainvillea and hibiscus. Fancy a dip? Head to one of Tuherahera’…
Farm in Tikehau

Île d’Eden

Île d’Eden is not a traditional tourist site per se, but a working farm operated by a handful of families belonging to the Church of the New Testament. They have created a vibrant, organic garden in the infertile sa…
Tahitian in Tikehau

Tikehau Village

The restaurant at the Tikehau Village is one of the prettiest spots around, overlooking the water with cool breezes and a social vibe – nonguests are welcome (by reservation). The set menu is good value and it makes…
Tahitian in Tikehau

Snack Gilbert

Lovely setting, right by a beach overlooking a turquoise hoa (shallow channel) at the western end of the village. What to expect? Simple meals incorporating organic ingredients. Call ahead, as the eponymous Gilbert …
Tahitian in Tikehau

Snack Ohina

There aren't too many options at this family-run eatery, but there are always invigorating Tahitian favourites such as grilled mahimahi, tuna carpaccio and raw fish. Bonus: there's an enticing, shady terrace.
International in Tikehau

Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort

Call for the shuttle times to lunch at this swanky resort. Light meals are available, and you can enjoy the fabulous setting without breaking the bank.
Island in Tikehau

Motu Puarua

Lying almost in the middle of the lagoon, the rocky Motu Puarua hosts several species of ground-nesting birds, including brown noddies and uaau (red-footed boobies).
Tahitian in Tikehau

Snack Perarai – Chez Rowena

This local-style eatery at the western end of the village serves voluminous portions of good chow mein and steak frites (steak and chips). Burgers are also available.
Beach in Tikehau

Les Sables Roses

The southeast shores of the atoll are fringed with truly amazing ‘Pink Sands Beaches’ that really do glow a light shade of pink, a result of finely pulverised coral.
Supermarket in Tikehau

Magasin Henriette

A relatively well-stocked supermarket, right in the village.