Top things to do in Taiohae

Top Choice Archaeological Site in Taiohae

Tohua Koueva

It’s believed that this extensive communal site, with its paved esplanade, belonged to the war chief Pakoko, who was killed by the French in 1845. Today it is a peaceful spot full of massive banyan trees and flowers…
International in Taiohae

Keikahanui Nuku Hiva Pearl Lodge

The chef at this upscale hotel fuses quality local ingredients with Gallic know-how. The Marquesan goat with coconut milk will certainly win your heart and there's even a dedicated vegetarian menu. Bag a table on th…
Archaeological Site in Taiohae

Pae Pae Piki Vehine

Rebuilt for the 1989 Marquesas Festival, this pae pae (traditional meeting platform) contains modern sculptures and a dozen magnificent tiki made by the island’s sculptors and artisans from Easter Island. Its centra…
Church in Taiohae

Notre-Dame Cathedral of the Marquesas Islands

This striking building is built from wood and stones on a former sacred site venerated by the ancient Marquesans. The stones come from the archipelago’s six inhabited islands. Pop in to see Marquesan carved religiou…
Museum in Taiohae

Musée Enana

This little museum has a few documents and some beautiful ancient Marquesan artefacts. It also doubles as a small craft shop. Entry was free at the time of writing, but the owner may ask for a small fee in the futur…
Tahitian in Taiohae

Snack Tuhiva

This low-key venue inside the market is a good spot to catch local vibes. Devour a comforting breakfast or munch on well-prepared fish dishes at lunchtime. It was being sold to a new owner when we passed but should …
Tahitian in Taiohae

Café Vaeaki

This friendly little godsend for yachties is right on the quay and offers simple but fresh dishes such as sashimi, grilled fish and chow mein alongside free wi-fi. There's also fresh juices and ice cream. Cash only.
Tahitian in Taiohae

Moana Nui

Basking in a convivial buzz, the restaurant at this hotel has an eclectic menu, from salads and burgers to fish and meat dishes. Or opt for a pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven (evenings only).
Arts & Crafts in Taiohae

Fare Artisanal

Next to the tourist office, the fare artisanal (craft centre) is a good place to stock up on monoi (fragrant oil), necklaces, bracelets and carvings.
Monument in Taiohae

Monument to the Dead

On the seafront, opposite the Kamake shop, you can’t miss this obelisk fronted by a cannon constructed in honour of Étienne Marchand.