Two Days

Spend the first day exploring colourful Pape’ete, making sure to spend some time shopping at the famous Marché de Pape’ete and the pearl boutiques along the main drag. Have dinner at the roulottes, Pape’ete’s legendary mobile food vans on Place Vaiete. After dinner, catch a dance performance and sip a cocktail at one of the stylish resorts, or opt for a night of dancing in Pape’ete’s cacophonous bars. Head out of town on day two, and explore the island on your own. Spend the night at the fantastic Vanira Lodge, the most creative pension in Tahiti.

Five Days

Follow the two-day itinerary then spend day three on a boat tour to Tahiti Iti’s Fenua Aihere and Te Pari. On day four take a hiking excursion to the island’s interior or just plop yourself on a beach somewhere with mask, fins and a snorkel. The last day could be spent on the ocean, either diving or on a whale-watching tour.