Best Places to Eat

Place Vaiete Roulottes

The country’s famous roulottes – literally ‘caravans’ in French, these are mobile food vans – tick all the right boxes: they’re a wondrous gastronomic pleasure, a great way to catch local vibes and represent tremendous value. These little stalls sizzle, fry and grill up a storm every evening from around 6pm; things don’t quieten down until well into the night. There are dozens of roulottes to choose from. Punters sit on stools along either side of the van or on plastic chairs scattered around each roulotte. Squeeze in next to that guy devouring his steak and chips and that woman relishing her chow mein. Get good thin-crust pizzas or everything else from grilled fish to sashimi. Finish your meal with a Nutella-and-banana waffle and… enough! Live music enhances the scene most weekend nights. Cash only.