Place To’ata Snacks

Tahitian in Pape'ete

This cluster of open-air snacks (snack bars) with outdoor seating – Vaimiti, Chez Jimmy, Mado, Moeata, Toa Sushi – near Place To’ata are a great place to chill with regulars and savour the most authentic and best-value food in town (but no alcohol is served). From poisson cru (raw fish) and burgers to crêpes and sushi, each joint has its specialities.

Try the poisson cru à la javanaise (raw fish with a spicy sauce) served at Chez Jimmy or the crêpes at Vaimiti. The setting is simple; think plastic chairs under the shade of trees. Opening hours vary but there are usually at least two or three places serving during meal hours. Cash only.