Checking flights...


Within the archipelago, Rangiroa is the major flight hub. The airport is smack in between Avatoru (to the west) and Tiputa (to the east). Air Tahiti offers two to three flights daily between Pape’ete and Rangiroa (one hour, 24,200 CFP). Rangiroa is also connected by air to Bora Bora and other atolls in the Tuamotus. One-way fares on offer include Bora Bora to Rangiroa 31,500 CFP, Rangiroa to Tikehau 9500 CFP, Rangiroa to Fakarava 9500 CFP, and Rangiroa to Mataiva 9500 CFP. If you're island-hopping, your best bet is to purchase an air pass.

To & From the Airport

If you have booked accommodation, your hosts will be at the airport to welcome you. If your pension is near the airport, transfers will probably be free; places further away tend to charge (ask when you book).


The Mareva Nui and Saint-Xavier Maris-Stella are the only cargo ships serving Rangiroa that take passengers, besides the Aranui, which stops on Rangiroa on its way back from the Marquesas.