Raivavae attractions

Beach in Raivavae

Motu Piscine

Raivavae’s stunning lagoon, brimming with marine life and ringed by ironwood-covered motu, is one of the treasures of the South Pacific. Motu Piscine (Motu Swimming Pool; Motu Vaiamanu) is the best-known motu, fring…
Archaeological Site in Raivavae


The only remaining tiki (carved humanlike statue) on the island stands in a private garden just to the west of the village of Mahanatoa. About 1m in height, it has highly stylised hands and chest as well as clearly …
Archaeological Site in Raivavae

Marae Pomaovao

Across the road from the airport, this marae (traditional sacred site) features a large paved platform and a massive upright stone standing more than 2m high. According to legend, this stone was used to measure the …
Archaeological Site in Raivavae

Marae Pua Pua Tiare

This well-maintained marae can be found about 1km from the Vaiuru entrance of the cross-island road (ask for directions as it’s not easy to find). It features large upright stones that enclose a paved area.