Ra'iatea shopping

Gifts & Souvenirs in Ra'iatea

Te Fare

Has decently priced clothes, paintings, jewellery, wooden handicrafts and decorative trinkets. The friendly and helpful owner will help you find what you're looking for.
in Ra'iatea

Galerie Art-Expo

Art-Expo, at Apooiti Marina, sells a wide variety of jewellery, clothes, decorative trinkets and wooden handicrafts – from mother-of-pearl belts to souvenir T-shirts.
Arts & Crafts in Ra'iatea

Galerie Anuanua

This is a lovely gallery featuring works by island craftspeople, including sculptures, pottery, paintings and mother-of-pearl objects.
Clothing in Ra'iatea

Arii Creation

Sells a wide variety of clothes and T-shirts all made with local-style floral or patterned fabrics.
Jewellery in Ra'iatea

Tahi Perles

A family-run pearl farm, a few kilometres south of Uturoa. Has loose and mounted pearls.
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One of the best places to buy all sorts of vanilla products; located at Hotopu Bay.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Ra'iatea

Central Market

Fruit, vegies and souvenirs. Also a good place to find local vanilla pods.
in Ra'iatea

Hei Tattoo

Isidore Haiti specialises in Marquesan and tribal-style tattoos.
in Ra'iatea

Galerie Tai’oa

Sells a stunning collection of mostly Marquesan woodcarvings.