Here it is, festival month, and everywhere you look there are dance performances, music shows, parades and sports competitions. This is the most vibrant and busy time to visit, and the weather is usually cool and dry.

Heiva i Tahiti

Held in Pape’ete, French Polynesia’s most important festival lasts an entire month and is so impressive it’s almost worth timing your trip around. The best dancers and singers perform and there are parades and traditional sports competitions.

Heiva i Bora Bora

Bora Bora runs its Heiva festival, chock full of singing and dancing competitions, from the end of June to mid-July. This is a smaller but arguably more personable festival than the bigger hoopla happening on Tahiti.

Bastille Day

It’s still widely celebrated and businesses close, but nowadays the French national holiday gets overshadowed by the lively Polynesian festivals going on. But don’t let that stop you from toasting vive la France with a bottle of Bordeaux.

Golf International Open

The best golfers in the Pacific come together at Atimaono on Tahiti to take part in this reputable competition ( at the Olivier Bréaud golf course. Amateur golfers can sometimes measure their skills against the inter-national pros.