Great Food & Drink

Relish local ingredients (fish, taro, fruits) prepared every which way. Try savoury vanilla sauces, Chinese specialities, gratins and some 1001 ways to eat coconut.

  • Roulottes Mobile food vans (found country-wide) serve the cheapest eats and offer the most local atmosphere.
  • Plage de Maui, Tahiti Try the seafood and local veggies steamed in a banana leaf while admiring the aqua lagoon.
  • Chez Tara, Huahine Traditional Tahitian food plus seafood dishes with a French twist.
  • Restaurant Matira Beach, Bora Bora Beachside restaurant with million-dollar views; French dishes, local ingredients and Japanese specialities.
  • Distillery Huahine Passion, Huahine Fruits so exotic you've never heard of them (plus all the well-known favourites) distilled into fantastic liquors.
  • Snack Mahana, Moorea Fresh, big portions, smiling Polynesian service, plastic tables and a lagoon view.