Market in Pape'ete

Marché de Pape’ete

The main level of the Marché de Pape’ete has woven hats, wonderful homemade monoi (fragrant coconut oil), flowers and produce, while you can wander for ages upstairs among the pearl and handicraft shops. Find...

Food in Pape'ete

Tahiti Vanilla Market

For a truly great-smelling shopping experience, check out this boutique. Nearly everything in the shop is made from local vanilla; you can get whole pods, plus vanilla-infused honey, scented coconut cooking oil,...

Clothing in Pape'ete

Te Mana

Get glammed up at this trendsetting boutique stocking island-made shirts, T-shirts, dresses and accessories. Inspired from traditional designs, the pieces are transformed into sprightly contemporary looks.

Body Art in Pape'ete

Efraima & Simeon Huuti

This popular studio in the Marché de Pape’ete (upstairs) is run by two brothers who are originally from the Marquesas. They create traditional-style black-ink tattoos and have good credentials.

Art in Pape'ete

Galerie Winkler

This gallery near the cathedral has an interesting mix of etchings, paintings and crockery. It’s a great place to buy works from local artists, both well known and emerging.

Body Art in Pape'ete

Mana’O Tattoo

So you really don’t want to forget your trip to Tahiti? This shop has many styles available, including traditional Polynesian designs as well as some more creative motifs.

Art in Pape'ete

Galerie des Tropiques

This highly reputable gallery has works from established artists, such as Christian Deloffre and Gotz, as well as works from emerging painters or sculptors.

Activity in Pape'ete

Supermarché Champion

Self-catering is a breeze in Pape’ete. Supermarché Champion, close to the Temple Paofai, is handy if you’re in the city centre.

Arts & Crafts in Pape'ete


This high-end boutique sells all kinds of quality arts and crafts from French Polynesia and other Pacific islands.

Music in Pape'ete


This music shop has a decent selection of CDs by local artists; you can listen before you buy.