Know Before You Go...

  • Maupiti has no ATMs, and credit cards are only accepted at a couple of pensions, so you’ll need to bring enough cash to cover your entire bill, plus a little extra for surprise add-ons.
  • Beware of tricky currents when snorkelling or kayaking near Onoiau Pass (where a few of the pensions are).
  • Maupiti has no resorts; digs are in simple family guesthouses.

To Motu or not Motu?

Your biggest decision: staying on a motu (islet) or on the main island? For the full Robinson Crusoe experience, places on the motu are hard to beat, as they offer plenty of remote and tropical tranquillity. Be prepared to feel a bit of a captive, though, except if you’re ready to paddle to the Vaiea or pay anything from 500 CFP to 1500 CFP for a transfer by boat to the mainland. If island life is your top priority, stay on the main island. Better yet: combine the two options!