• French Polynesia’s country code is 689.
  • There are no area codes in French Polynesia.
  • To call overseas, dial 00 plus the country code followed by the phone number.
  • From a landline, local phone calls cost 18 CFP per minute or 29 CFP per minute to a mobile phone.
  • You can buy prepaid cards to call overseas at most post offices.

Mobile Phones

  • There are two mobile phone operators in French Polynesia: Vini and Vodafone.
  • Mobile-phone services operate on 900 GSM and 98% of the inhabited islands have cellular coverage.
  • Many foreign mobile services have coverage in Tahiti, but roaming fees are usually quite high.
  • You can buy a local SIM card for around 1000 CFP and use it in your own phone if it's unlocked (check with your provider before you leave). Talk isn’t cheap, however: calls from a mobile cost 30 CFP to 60 CFP per minute (and from 60 CFP to 110 CFP per minute if you call overseas).
  • Both providers have offices in Pape'ete. Top-ups can be purchased online or at various shops and most post offices.
  • If your phone is locked by your phone company, there are often good deals at Champion and Carrefour supermarkets on phones – you can get a basic phone plus SIM card for less than 5000 CFP.
  • Local mobile-phone numbers begin with 87 or 89.
  • 3G is available on Tahiti, Mo'orea, Huahine, Ra'iatea and Bora Bora.


Local SIM cards can be used in unlocked GSM-compatible phones. Other phones can be set to roaming.