Top Choice Beach in Fakarava

Les Sables Roses

A double crescent of dreamy beaches split by a narrow spit of white-and-pink coral sands, Les Sables Roses seems to come right out of central casting for tropical ideals. The turquoise water laps both sides of the s…
Village in Fakarava


Most islanders live in Rotoava village at the northeastern end of the atoll, 4km east of the airport. Aside from Rangiroa’s Avatoru, this is the most developed and busiest town in the Tuamotus, but it’s still pretty…
Beach in Fakarava

Plage du PK9

A bit of a local’s secret, Plage du PK9 is – you guessed it – 9km west of Rotoava (go past the airport and follow the dirt track towards the northern pass; at the PK9 marker, take the path to the left). It’s a thin,…
Village in Fakarava


A handful of inhabitants also live in Tetamanu village, a tiny settlement on the edge of Tumakohua Pass, which is as backwater as backwater gets (despite the growing numbers of divers who stay in the nearby pensions…
Natural Feature in Fakarava

Lagon Bleu (Motu Tehatea)

Simply divine. Near the northwestern corner of Fakarava, Lagon Bleu features an indescribably lovely stretch of white-sand coral beach, turquoise-blue water, palm trees leaning over the shore – and not a soul in sig…
Lighthouse in Fakarava

Ancien Phare de Topaka

This photogenic 15m-tall grey turret (dating from 1957) looks as if it’s on loan from a medieval castle. The lighthouse is no longer in operation. To get here, follow the road to the airport and look for PK2.5 (poin…
Archaeological Site in Fakarava

Marae Tahiri Vairau & Beach

This partly restored marae built of coral slabs sits in a coconut grove beside a lovely strip of coral sand, about 400m past Plage du PK9. The beach offers shimmering waters and is great for sunbathing, picnicking, …
Natural Feature in Fakarava


The PK10.5 marks the end of the dirt road, just on the edge of the phenomenal Garuae Pass. By incoming or outgoing current, the pass gets really rough, with waves that can easily exceed 2m in the middle of the pass.