Top Choice Body Art in Bora Bora

Marama Tattoo

For traditionally designed tattoos head to this highly rated tattoo studio. Popular, sterile and reliable. Book well ahead as Marama is something of a legend in French Polynesia.
Jewellery in Bora Bora

La Perle de Maimiti

Not your average pearl shop – it's in a private home – La Perle de Maimiti is run by an experienced salesman who has worked for various pearl companies on the island. He has a limited but interesting selection of lo…
Clothing in Bora Bora


This trendsetting boutique has island-made shirts, T-shirts, caps, swimsuits and accessories. They're inspired by traditional island designs and transformed into contemporary looks. For men, women and kids.
Jewellery in Bora Bora


Bora Bora does not produce black pearls but you can visit the Farm and see how it’s done thanks to regular demonstrations at the back of the boutique. Loose pearls and jewellery pieces are on sale.
Art in Bora Bora

Bora Art Upstairs

Loads of Polynesian works of art, including paintings and carvings by local artists and artisans, are sold at this pretty special gallery just next to the post office.
Arts & Crafts in Bora Bora

Bora i Te Fanau Tahi – Artisanat

By the Vaitape quay, this crafts centre has lots of stalls selling pareu, basketwork, shell necklaces and bracelets and other crafts produced by island women.
Jewellery in Bora Bora

Pearla Joaillerie

Jewel designer Laurent Rebstock is big name in the pearl business and has a superb selection of loose pearls and jewellery pieces on show. Prices start at 8000 CFP.
Art in Bora Bora

Galerie Alain et Linda

About halfway between Vaitape and Matira Point, this gallery has a little bit of everything – including a mix of art, books, etchings and pottery.
Jewellery in Bora Bora

Deep Sea Pearls

This store in the centre of Vaitape has a wide choice of mounted and loose pearls as well as jewellery pieces. Free transfers are available.
in Bora Bora

Tahiti Pearl Market

Offers lots of choice, and competitive prices.