Bus in Cayenne

Gare Routière

This bus station is little more than a collection of concrete bus stops where unmarked buses pull up and depart when full to destinations around French Guiana. It's a frustrating place, with no information, no timet…
Car Hire in Cayenne


Has a downtown location in Cayenne, as well as an office at the airport. It was also planning to open an office in St Laurent du Maroni at the time of writing, allowing it to offer one-way rentals to the Surinamese …
Ferry in St Laurent du Maroni

Bac La Gabrielle

This car ferry (€4/35 per person/car) departs St Laurent at 7am, 9am, 2pm and 5pm daily, and departs Albina in Suriname at 8am, 10am, 3pm and 5:30pm daily. There are no services on Wednesday afternoon and Sunday mor…
Boat in Îles du Salut

Tropic Alizés

This boat leaves from the Nautical Club of Kourou at Pointe des Roches; the price includes a sunset cocktail but goes up to €66 if you chose to stay overnight.
Boat in Îles du Salut


Offers daily catamaran departures to the Îles du Salut from Kourou's Ponton des Balourous. Also offers a guided tour of Île Royale for an extra €5 per person.
Boat in Îles du Salut

La Hulotte

With daily catamaran departures from Kourou's Ponton des Balourous at 8am, La Hulotte visits all three islands and is back in Kourou at 5.30pm.
Ferry in St Laurent du Maroni

Bac International

The departure point for the car ferry La Gabrielle and the small passenger pirogues (dugout canoes) connecting to Albina in Suriname.
Boat in Îles du Salut


This catamaran carries a maximum of 12 passengers and leaves Kourou's Ponton des Balourous at 7:30am each day, returning by 6pm.
Airline in Cayenne

Air Guyane

Flies to St Laurent du Maroni, Saül, Maripasoula and other destinations within French Guiana.
Car Rental in St Laurent du Maroni


Can be found on the road out of town toward Cayenne, somewhat hidden behind a gas station.