Top Choice French in Cayenne

Les Palmistes

The best place to people-watch on the palm-tree-lined Place des Palmistes also serves up perfect Caribbean-French ambience. Sit on the wooden terrace with its wrought-iron balustrade to dine on fantastic salads, cre…
Top Choice Ice Cream in Cayenne

Couleurs et Saveurs de Jo le Glacier

Choose from a huge assortment of delicious ice cream flavors such as patawa (a palm fruit), citronella, moka and passion fruit. The menu changes seasonally. Take it away (which is cheaper) or enjoy at cozy tables in…
Breakfast in Cayenne


One of the only places in town serving a complete breakfast. Come back again for a lunch of salads, sandwiches, sweet and savory crepes and fresh juices.
Chinese in Cayenne


One of the best of a slew of affordable Chinese restaurants. This friendly place has plenty of vegetarian options and a wide variety of meat and seafood dishes.
Creole in Cayenne

La Kaz Kréòl

The best sit-down Creole restaurant in Cayenne serves outstanding stuffed cassava, meat stews and seafood in a homey setting. Try the Creole breakfasts on Saturdays and Sundays.
Cafe in Cayenne

Le Café Crème

Get Parisian-style coffee, sizable sandwiches and delicate pastries at this sidewalk cafe à la française. Your best bet for coffee before 7am.
Italian in Cayenne


Eat the cheapest (but tasty!) pizza in town while admiring the movie posters that cover the walls.
Middle Eastern in Cayenne

Les Pyramides

This superb Middle Eastern restaurant makes hearty, heaping platters of couscous to rave reviews.
Brazilian in Cayenne

Porta Verde

A Brazilian locals' favorite, get a buffet lunch priced by the kilo.
Ice Cream in Kourou

Le Glacier des 2 Lacs