Consulate in Cayenne

Surinamese Consulate

Often busy, but if you're lucky you can get a tourist card issued within a few minutes for €35. Bring exact change or expect to pay €37 by card. Bring your passport and your yellow-fever certificate. There's a small…
Tourist Information in Cayenne

Comité du Tourisme de la Guyane

Filled with pamphlets, maps and information, this tourist office, geared toward all of French Guiana rather than Cayenne specifically, is always staffed with someone to answer questions. An information desk at the a…
Tourist Information in Kourou

Point Information Tourisme

This offshoot of the main tourist office is where the boats leave for the Îles du Salut, and is only open briefly each day to coincide with the boats' 8am departure (and sometimes with their arrival back in Kourou a…
Tourist Information in St Laurent du Maroni

Office du Tourisme

The helpful staff here speak English, hire bikes and give out free maps. You can also arrange tours and buy tickets for the two main sights in the town.
Tourist Information in Kourou

Office de Tourisme

Kourou's main tourist office is staffed by a helpful and knowledgeable team with lots of excellent contacts and local tips.
Consulate in St Laurent du Maroni

Surinamese Consulate

Normally issues Tourist Cards in under 5 minutes for €35. Bring your passport and yellow-fever certificate.
Exchange in Cayenne

Global Transfer

In the center of Cayenne, this is one of the few places where you can exchange foreign currency into euros.
Tourist Information in Cayenne

Office du Tourisme

A helpful tourist office with information specific to Cayenne.
Post in Cayenne

Bureau de Poste

The most central post office in Cayenne.
Embassy in Cayenne

Brazilian Embassy

Off Rue de Baduel.